Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sandro Magister, The Theology That Suits the Pope Theologian

It is that of the monasteries and cathedrals of the medieval golden age. Benedict XVI has unveiled its marvels to the pilgrims who flock to the general audience. But he also means to give a lesson to the theologians of today

[Does the method of doing theology for the monastic theologians really differ from that of the scholastics? Do they not both start with the same sources, and reflection upon both? What sort of authorities do the monastic theologians incorporate into their writings? Would it be accurate to say that the major contribution of scholastic theologians is the use of logic? Do any of the monastic theologians incorporate the philosophy of the ancients into their speculation? Do they do any speculation, or is their theology more expository, a fruit of their reflection upon Sacred Scripture?]

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