Friday, May 22, 2015

About that Canonization of John XXIII: Just a Minute, Now by Christopher A. Ferrara

Mr. Ferrera quotes Cardinal Amato:

For such a canonization, according to the teaching of Benedict XIV, three elements are required: an ancient tradition of devotion, the constant and common attestation of trustworthy historians on the virtues or martyrdom, and the uninterrupted fame of miracle.

If these conditions are satisfied—again according to the teaching of pope Prospero Lambertini [Benedict XIV]—the supreme pontiff, by his authority, can proceed with the “canonization equivalent”… without any definitive formal sentence, without any preliminary juridical process, without having carried out the usual ceremonies.

This would certainly be a better justification for canonizing someone; but is infallibility involved if the pope does not have the authority on his own to declare someone a saint for the Church Universal but only for his patriarchate? Rather, he could only recognizing someone to be a saint for the Church Universal if such a cult existed universally? And do patriarchs of particular churches participate in the charism of infallibility when they declare someone to be a saint for their church?

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